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About us

Vivo: Innovation for Well-being is the Good Samaritan Society’s innovation program.


As a leader in senior care and services, the Society has a unique capacity to impact culture, behavior and politics to transform the aging experience, and how we provide care to seniors and their families across the nation. And we believe innovative thought and methodology have an integral role in that effort.


While our customers’ needs evolve, and the changing world challenges the Society to adapt and remain relevant, innovation is an opportunity to envision a better and different future for our aging population. A future full of meaningful opportunities and experiences.


With our customers and partners, Vivo uses human-centered design to imagine new possibilities and create new services and solutions. Our goal is to improve well-being, independence and health for older adults and their families.


From startups to global changemakers, we work with technology companies, design firms, healthcare leaders and organizations, universities, community development operations, and other industry influencers. Together, we have an opportunity to improve the lives of a generation that has personally touched our families, our communities and our country.


Click here to visit the Vivo: Innovation for Well-being website and learn more about the Society's innovation efforts.