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About us

The Society is at a crossroads in the products and services that it offers the country’s residents, families and communities.


For nearly 90 years, the Good Samaritan Society has thrived based on a model that emphasizes skilled nursing care. The demographics of the baby boomer generation, however, suggest that this model will continue to be challenged by seniors’ preferences to live independently and to focus their attention on personal health and well-being. In short, the Society—through an intentional effort—has to consider how to best position itself for its next 90 years. The Society has to consider how to be the identified leader in senior care and services and further hone its work on becoming a national leader in advocacy for seniors and their families. And it has to acknowledge that the best opportunity for growing the Society is in building new products and services that engage people earlier in their lives, create dedicated consumers and share God’s love in word and deed with as many people as possible. It needs to do so through a cultural shift toward innovation and to well-being, independence and health for seniors.


The Good Samaritan Society’s innovation strategy is to create and implement new products and services that solve difficult problems and gaps in the well-being of the people we serve and their families.


Click here to visit the Vivo: Innovation for Well-being Web site and learn more about the Society's innovation efforts.