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Corporate news

Nov 24, 2015

After his wife died, Services@Home client Royce Farber found comfort and beloved memories in the food his caregiver, Kim Kennedy-Karnes, prepared for him.

(Moline, Illinois) – In their 60 years of marriage, Royce and Phyllis Farber ate thousands of meals together at their kitchen table, raised wonderful children, and looked out for each other through all the twists and turns in life.


But after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Phyllis died and Royce had to learn to live life without her.


Losing his wife was one of the most difficult things Royce had ever endured, but he found he didn’t have to cope with Phyllis’ death alone.


Phyllis and Royce were clients of Good Samaritan Society – Services@Home and had become good friends with their frequent caregiver, Kim Kennedy-Karnes.


Services@Home provides assistance with day-to-day tasks for people who want a little help with routine activities like cleaning, cooking or running errands.


Kim was a familiar presence in Royce’s home,
and she could see the toll that Phyllis’ death had taken.


“Royce had good days and bad, but I could see that he missed Phyllis terribly,” Kim says. “His house was full of things that triggered his memories of her.”


Kim realized she might be able to bring comfort to Royce through some of those memories. Kim began to cook some of the same recipes that Phyllis had often made, and that were popular dishes Phyllis and Royce had shared in their many meals together.

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Corporate news

Nov 23, 2015

In 2008, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enhanced its Nursing Home Compare public reporting site to include a set of quality star ratings for each nursing home that participates in Medicare or Medicaid.


The Nursing Home Compare website features a quality rating system that gives each nursing home a rating of between 1 and 5 stars. 


This provides residents and their families with an easy-to-understand summary of three dimensions of nursing home quality:


  • health inspection results
  • staffing data 
  • quality measure data


The goal of the Five-Star Rating System is to help consumers, families and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily to help identify areas about which you may want to ask questions.


CMS also intends for the system to help nursing homes identify areas for improvement.

Click here to download
"What are the components
of the Nursing Home Compare
Five-Star Quality Rating System?"


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Center news highlights

Nov 18, 2015

Quilting artist Josie Mills shares a piece she stitched displaying each state flag of the United States. Josie credits routine exercise for allowing her "frozen fingers" to get back into a hobby she's enjoyed since 1946.


(Denton, Texas) – Josie Mills wasn’t born an artist. Her soon-to-be mother-in-law made her one.  


The year was 1946, and Dolly Mills insisted that Josie know how to sew, quilt, crochet and tat before marrying her son, John.

Soon, Josie was using fabric as her canvas and thread as her paintbrush.


With each stitch, knot and loop, Josie found she loved working with her hands and spent decades creating heirlooms for family and friends.


So, it came as a blow when arthritis stiffened Josie’s hands and made her fingers curl.

Josie explains how to tat with fingers that feel "as good as new" after she began battling arthritis in the 1980s.


Little by little, she had to give up her handiwork.

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Corporate news

Nov 13, 2015

Eleven Good Samaritan Society home- and community-based services agencies have been recognized in this year's list of HomeCare Elite agencies produced by National Research Corp. and DecisionHealth.


Those recognized rank highest in performance, ranging from client experience to consistent quality.


An agency must be Medicare certified and register at least one performance measurement with Home Health Compare.


Of more than 9,000 agencies considered, more than 2,000 were considered elite.


Society agencies receiving recognition are:

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Corporate news

Nov 11, 2015

Many of our locations are home to military veterans

The stories featured here are highlights of the experiences for a selection of our residents. With times of service dating from World War II, we celebrate their memories and thank them for their sacrifices.



Art Wiley during World War II


(Denton, Texas) – Art Wiley’s service to his country spanned six decades, including World War II, the Korean War and Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War.


His civilian resume is impressive too:

  • saddle bronc rider
  • first aid instructor
  • tire salesman
  • welder
  • funeral director


But what has driven Art, even from a young age, is a passion to serve the sick and wounded.


He studied medicine in college, but when he graduated couldn’t afford to go to medical school.


Instead of giving up, Art volunteered.


World War II was raging and the United States needed young recruits.


The war gave Art one of his first opportunities to care for others on a large scale.


Click here to read more and watch a video of Art's recollections.

Veryll Magneson today


(Villisca, Iowa) – Wounded in the head by enemy artillery fire, Veryll Magneson cheated death during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge.


Veryll was a Technician Fifth Grade in the U.S. Army who saw 310 straight days of combat with the 818th Tank Destroyer Battalion. He earned a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star Medal, five Battle Stars and a Good Conduct Medal because of a single selfless, brave act during the bitter winter of 1945 in Luxembourg.


Veryll, who lives at Good Samaritan Society – Villisca, volunteered to deliver ammunition desperately needed on the front lines in Bavigne, a tiny village in northwest Luxembourg. The call for help came from Company C on Jan. 19.


The road to Company C’s position was narrow, mountainous and passed through Esch-sur-la-Sure, Luxembourg, according to a narrative that accompanies Veryll’s Bronze Star Medal.


Esch-sur-la-Sure was under direct enemy artillery fire as Veryll drove the load of ammunition through. He was wounded by a shell fragment that hit his head.


Click here to read more of Veryll's story.


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