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Aug 21, 2014

(Robbinsdale, Minnesota) – Residents and staff members at Good Samaritan Society – Specialty Care Community played a critical role in the recent production of a series of videos for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.


Crew members from New York tapped the resources in our nationally recognized Huntington's care community to help them teach others about HD. The multi-video series will be available from HDSA.


As the project began, the Good Samaritan Society captured some of the stories behind the scenes.
To learn more, watch the video below.


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Aug 20, 2014

(Sioux Falls, South Dakota) - Twenty people are seated around Marietta Holmes and Lois Jones on a Thursday afternoon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The women glance at each other, stretch out their fingers, and then the music begins.


Marietta plays piano while Lois accompanies on the organ. Together, they bring music to life. Recital regulars say the women are wonderful.


Marietta, 90, and Lois, 84, have co-hosted a weekly afternoon concert of solos and duets for their neighbors at Good Samaritan Society – Las Cruces for a year.


“We’re not good, but we have fun,” says Marietta.


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Aug 19, 2014

(Olathe, Kansas) – Have you heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?


This fun but frigid fundraiser has taken the Internet by storm, with thousands of people posting videos of themselves taking the challenge in an effort to raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.


Cindy Hahn, director of health information management at Good Samaritan Society – Olathe, received the challenge from her daughter, Krista, so she and her co-workers bravely doused themselves for the cause.

Click here to watch staff members at Good Samaritan Society – Olathe get soaked for a good cause.


Before the drenching, Cindy announced, "We have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, Krista Hahn. We are challenging our sister facilities in Olathe — Cedar Lake Village, Hoeger House and Good Samaritan Towers — Randy Fitzgerald; Marcus Parence and staff where you are; Noe Gillespie and staff in Ellis, Kansas; Brian Haase and staff in Dodge City, Kansas; Ben Anderson and staff in Kissimmee, Florida; and last, but not least, at National Campus Patti Carmody and Justin Lamberson from the EMR project team! So you’ve got 24 hours to get your Ice Bucket Challenge on for ALS! Have fun and let’s raise some money!"


Other Good Samaritan Society campuses are now taking up the challenge. Click here to view the videos.


Click here to read more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or to donate to the ALS Association.

Aug 15, 2014

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(Sioux Falls, S.D.) – Four months after completing an iPad training program, seniors who learned to use the machines are still connecting with friends on Facebook and using the Internet in other ways. And the program is gaining recognition.


The Connecting to Community© pilot program was featured in the August edition of OT Practice, a publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Authors/researchers Stacy Smallfield, Betsy Haag, Allyson Poston, Jarod T. Giger and William D. Anderson explain the program and the importance placed on social connection and relationship building.


“Participants shared that the program provided them the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities that replaced their previous daily activities,” the authors say. “Their routines now include the daily use of the tablet to check the weather before getting out of bed in the morning.”


The AARP Foundation’s Connecting to Community© pilot program was facilitated by the Good Samaritan Society and trained more than 50 participants on how to use an iPad.


Volunteer instructors visited four Society locations in Sioux Falls for six months and taught older adults how to do things like send and receive email, watch videos and connect with friends and family in other ways.


Nearly one in five older adults struggles with isolation, according to AARP Foundation research; this innovative program is one of many ways the Good Samaritan Society seeks to combat the effects of isolation.


Click here to watch video and read a collection of stories about the participants and their experiences.

Aug 14, 2014

For most of her 47 years with the Good Samaritan Society, Mary Hannover served as a nurse, but for the last 14 years, she’s worked in resource development. “I raise money and sell the place,” she says.

(Algona, Iowa) – With today’s average workplace tenure at four years, what keeps a staff member at the same company for 47 years and counting?


Mary Hannover shares advice for today’s workforce. She’s worked at our location in Algona, Iowa, since 1966, taking just one year off to attend nursing school. 



Q: What’s it like to work for one company this long?

A: I will be the first to admit there have been some very good days and equally, some very bad days. Most of the time, when I had a bad day, I would always turn myself back to the statement that says, “Why am I here? I’m here for the residents.”


What are the good days? When you’ve accomplished something you didn’t think could ever be done. When you are able to give the family the compassion and love they need when a loved one dies. Being there for your staff members.

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