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Get involved

Called to work with seniors

Winfield, Kan.

“I feel like I was called to work with the seniors. I found the Good Samaritan Society to be a good place to work and that God and the residents are the first priority."

– Renee Pennignton, staff member, Good Samaritan Society – Winfield

Always looking for more volunteers

Lyons, Kan.

"I absolutely enjoy volunteering at the center. Every week, I call out numbers at bingo and serve residents ice cream at the Soda Shoppe. We are always looking for more volunteers to assist in a vast array of events and capacities."

– Sue Brown, volunteer, Good Samaritan Society – Lyons

Mother’s love for elderly was an inspiration

Wamego, Kan.

"I like working here because I like to help other people, and since I don’t have any grandparents, it’s like taking care of my own grandma and grandpa every day. My mom was a CNA, and her love for the elderly inspired me to follow in her footsteps."

– Genny Alvarez, certified nursing assistant, Good Samaritan Society – Wamego

Working for an organization focused on mission

Sioux Falls, S.D.

“I feel like God has led me here all along, that everything I’ve done in the past was preparing me for an opportunity to work for an organization that focused on mission.”

– Raye Nae Nylander, Good Samaritan Society Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Visting with wonderful people

Albion, Neb.

"I couldn't find a better thing to be doing. Our residents are the most wonderful people. They just want to tell you about all the wonderful things in their lives. And that's all I do. I sit and listen."

– Wlma West, volunteer, Good Samaritan Society – Albion

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