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Good Samaritan Society - Comforcare

1201 17th St. NE, Austin, MN 55912
(507) 437-4526

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Good Samaritan Society - Comforcare

Good Samaritan Society – Comforcare

1201 17th St. NE
Austin, MN 55912


(507) 437-4526 

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Administrators at Good Samaritan Society nursing homes in Minnesota applaud new state legislation they say demonstrates the value of residents and staff who provide excellent care.


The Minnesota Legislature recently passed the Senior Care Reimbursement Reform Bill, which gives $138 million in additional funding to nursing homes.


Previous Minnesota budget cuts tied to Medicaid reimbursements created a funding gap that hit rural nursing homes hardest.


This bill means nursing homes in rural areas now will be reimbursed at the same rate as nursing homes in metro areas of the state.


Adam Coe, administrator at Good Samaritan Society – International Falls, says the bill addresses the “true costs” of senior care: investments in staff, buildings and equipment.

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Choosing a post-acute rehabilitation services center for yourself or someone you love is a big decision, but considering these five things can help you make the right choice.


1. What is post-acute rehabilitation?

Post-acute rehab — sometimes known as rehab therapy, sub-acute or transitional care — is designed for individuals of all ages who are rehabilitating and recovering following hospitalization from elective surgery, serious injury or illness.


Post-acute rehab offers a 24-hour multi-disciplinary focus emphasizing body, mind and soul to help people recover and return home.

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(Preston, Minn.) – Lillian Serrano didn’t think she needed an AutoAlert response pendant. She was healthy, active and independent.


Then, Lillian fell. She was sent to a local hospital for treatment and, after that, received post-acute rehabilitation care at Good Samaritan Society – Albert Lea.


As she prepared to leave the campus, Lillian met with Dee Lehner, a community liaison for the Good Samaritan Society. Together, they created a plan for her transition back to her home. After learning more about home care services and LivingWell@Home technology, Lillian decided to pair home care with a response pendant.


“Dee made the pendant sound so important, like I shouldn’t be without it,” says Lillian. “She was right. It is important. In fact, I’ve used it eight times this past year.”


Lillian says she’s impressed with her home care services and appreciates the plan Dee helped her create. Today, her AutoAlert pendant offers safety and security at all hours.


“It’s like having an angel by my side. All I have to do is push a button and help is there,” she says. “If I fall again, I don’t even have to worry about pushing the button because it has built-in fall detection.”


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