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Senior College

"We just got done with the second course in the All American Forms of Music with Mark Lair, and I have a group of 10 ladies that just love him! I just announced that our last session will be next week and one participant said, 'I will be here if I have to come in an ambulance!' That about sums up how much they are enjoying this course. Thanks so much for the opportunity to offer this to our residents and community."


– Dana Reese, Administrator
Good Samaritan Society – Manson (Manson, Iowa)


Senior College is a collaboration between Southwest Minnesota State University, Minnesota West Community and Technical College and the Good Samaritan Society to provide seniors an opportunity to expand their knowledge through courses that interest them. Courses are taught by experienced instructors who share an interest with their students in the topics. It doesn’t matter whether your formal education ended before you graduated from high school or whether you have a doctoral degree — the purpose of these courses is to learn and have fun!


The Senior College courses are provided via DVD to Good Samaritan communities in several states. You will be able to attend class right where you live, along with your friends.


A series of courses is offered twice each year. A variety of topics has been offered in the past, from areas such as art, history, politics, literature, religion, health and more! Seniors enjoy the opportunity to learn new things as well as to engage in thoughtful discussions with their friends. Ask your Good Samaritan Housing Director about Senior College in your community!


Click here to visit the Senior College Web site, www.senior-college.com.


Click here to search for Good Samaritan Society locations near you that offer Senior College.


When major news events happen such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11, people think there must be a major reason behind it.  In other words, the reason must be complex and not simple. This course will examine a number of the most popular conspiracy theories including the moon landing; the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy; inventions or discoveries; and real organizations taking over the world.



In traveling to Colombia and Zimbabwe to visit Project Outreach mission partners, Good Samaritan Society staff members made many discoveries. Some of these discoveries had to do with the situation, the culture and the faith of people living in countries very different from the United States. Some of these discoveries had to do with our own beliefs and perspectives. This course explores some of the surprises and lessons learned while traveling on short-term mission trips to these two countries.



Contemporary Life & Culture in Prague — 4-hour course with Leah & John Gossom, MNWest College
This course will help the learner develop an understanding of how history, art, economics and geography of the Czech Republic have interacted with broader social and cultural currents to shape contemporary life in Prague.
Cause and Effects of The 90’s Embargo on the Republic of Haiti — 2-hour course with Bob Purcell, U.S. Army combat medic.  This course will take a look at the island of Haiti before, during, and after the 1990’s embargo through the eyes of a U.S. Army combat medic working with the United Nations medical facility.



Chair Yoga is for those who would like the benefits of yoga, but for whom a standard floor practice is not possible. Yoga keeps you motivated by increasing strength, flexibility and concentration. In this Chair Yoga series, we will explore the basic concepts of Hatha Yoga: breathing, exercise and relaxation.



This course examines the journey of how one culture began, survived through difficult times and continues a visible presence in our world today.  Emphasis will be on ways the German-Russian culture is a living culture that continues to have a message worth hearing. During and following the course, it is hoped that the questions in the handout will create good memories as well as good conversation.


A Visual History of the Good Samaritan Society

The history of a place is the place. We are the sum of everything that has come before us. Therefore, the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is not just a business, but an historic organization with 90 years of mistakes, triumphs, and laughter that we can use to inform the present. By knowing the history, one can develop a better understanding of the organization overall. This course will delve into the rich 90-year history of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and the people who have made it what it is today


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