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Aug 21, 2014

(Robbinsdale, Minnesota) – Residents and staff members at Good Samaritan Society – Specialty Care Community played a critical role in the recent production of a series of videos for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.


Crew members from New York tapped the resources in our nationally recognized Huntington's care community to help them teach others about HD. The multi-video series will be available from HDSA.


As the project began, the Good Samaritan Society captured some of the stories behind the scenes.
To learn more, watch the video below.


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Aug 13, 2014


(Waconia, Minn.) – Life sometimes can seem like a series of losses and transitions. In the last several months, I’ve come to a better understanding of the feelings of grief many of our seniors have at this stage in their lives.


I know now how difficult it is to lose the people and lifestyle you love. I also know that we simply have to let go of the things we can’t control.


My question is this: How do you let go of your daughter who is moving more than 1,500 miles, after your mom died just eight months ago?

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Aug 11, 2014

Turner Zahn, 3, delivers the mail to residents at Good Samaritan Society - Syracuse with his mother, Rachel, and great-grandmother, Elaine.


(Syracuse, Nebraska) – Turner Zahn knows the mail must go through.


Of course, that means occasionally riding the mail cart to get it done.


Turner, 3, recently joined his mother and great-grandmother to deliver mail to the residents at Good Samaritan Society – Syracuse. He’s among the youngest volunteers to have delivered mail at the center.


“The residents were thrilled to get their mail from such a handsome, sweet little boy,” says Jenny Meyer, activity director. “Turner had fun delivering the mail, but he especially enjoyed riding on the mail cart.”


The hour it takes to deliver mail to residents is just one of many ways volunteers can brighten residents’ days. See the box below for some volunteer opportunities available on our campus.


“Volunteers are so very important to the Good Samaritan Society,” says Jenny. “Without them, some of the activities could not happen. And the best part of being a volunteer is that it isn’t a huge time commitment.”

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Jul 31, 2014

The Good Samaritan Society has announced that a transfer of ownership is in process for the Winfield center to Winfield LTC OpCo, LLC and Winfield LTC PropCo, LLC with management to be provided by Frontline Management of Lafayette, Colorado. Frontline Management is an experienced provider of comprehensive healthcare management services for skilled, intermediate, assisted living and senior housing facilities.


The transfer of ownership is currently estimated to take place on Oct. 1, 2014. Between now and then, the Good Samaritan Society and Frontline Management will work together to ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless for the residents and staff. NOTE: Wheat Ridge Heights affordable housing community will NOT be part of the transfer of ownership. It will remain under Society management.


We wish God’s blessings to Frontline Management as they carry this mission into the future.

Center news highlights

Jul 28, 2014

Click here to watch the video story of Albert and Nancy Van Laar's contributions in copper.


(Canton, S.D.) – Over several decades, Albert Van Laar collected and meticulously rolled more than 244,000 pennies. Earlier this year, Albert’s wife, Nancy, donated the collection to Good Samaritan Society – Canton, where Albert now lives.


“I just think this is where it belongs,” Nancy says of the nearly $2,500 worth of pennies. “It’s home ground. This is where it all began.”


Albert and Nancy met at the Canton center in 1992, when Nancy was working as a certified nursing assistant and Albert was visiting his sister, who was a resident there.


Nancy was touched by Albert’s devotion to his sister. “He was very funny and young at heart,” she says. “He is a wonderful man.” Nancy and Albert will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year.


With the effects of Alzheimer’s now taking its toll on Albert’s health, Nancy says it is important to her to share Albert’s legacy with the people and places he loves.


Albert’s penny collection began in the 1960s as a way of calming his nerves during difficult times.


“Besides God, Albert was my rock. That’s why his care is so important to me—now I am the one he needs.”


Click here to learn more about the services at Good Samaritan Society – Canton.


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