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Apr 16, 2014

(Hastings, Neb.) – The sound of little voices fills the room at Children’s Ark childcare center on the campus of Good Samaritan Society –
Hastings Village:

Stacy Kerr, Children’s Ark director, and Ms. Dorothy with some of the forest friends that visit the children once a week


“I have decided to be like Jesus.

 I have decided to be like Jesus.

 I have decided to be like Jesus.

 No turning back…no turning back.”


Ms. Dorothy, a resident of Goldbeck Towers at Hastings Village, leads the preschoolers in song along with her puppets, Obediah Owl, Rebecca Rabbit and Daniel Duck.


She visits the daycare each Tuesday to spread the word of God through story and song.


Her “forest friends” share biblical truths and important messages including how to encourage others, be a friend, share, say kind words, help others when needed,
and spread God’s love.


“These are great devotions for our kids. They are child-centered, fun, and engaging. The children learn the songs and then become the messengers when they go home and share the message with their families,” says Stacy Kerr, Children’s Ark director.


Ms. Dorothy has written 80 puppet shows that feature more than 50 animal puppets. The puppet shows grew out of NiteLites, a series of short stories that Ms. Dorothy began writing in 2002. The stories are for grandmothers to read with their grandchildren and feature forest critters that love Jesus and act a lot like people.


At Children’s Ark, Daniel Duck reviews the day’s devotion and ends the puppet show with a special song, “Jesus Loves Me,” sung to the tune of “Old MacDonald.”


Click here to learn more about the quality childcare services provided by Children’s Ark to staff members of Hastings Village and other working families in the community.

Center news highlights

Apr 10, 2014

(Estherville, Iowa) – Residents at our center are getting house calls from doctors…who are more than 100 miles away. The consultations happen with the push of a button, through an Avera electronic long-term care program called eLTC.

Designed to assist seniors and care centers in rural settings like Estherville, eLTC gives us 24-hour access to a team of Avera nurses and physicians in Sioux Falls, S.D.


Residents can be evaluated and diagnosed by healthcare providers connected to us through the eLTC’s system of high-definition videoconferencing technology.


Now, if one of our residents has a health concern, particularly during the evening or overnight hours, our nurse on duty will be able to visit with an Avera physician, and the resident can be seen by him or her right away, instead of being transported to the hospital or waiting for a clinic to open the following morning.


Off-hour hospital visits can be expensive and involve a long wait; transportation has safety risks, and can be costly as well as physically and emotionally draining. By allowing residents to be seen immediately and directly at our center, we’re often able to provide early treatment of acute conditions, and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.


In some cases, the physician in Sioux Falls will be able to remedy the situation without having to send someone out in the middle of the night or into the cold, unpredictable Iowa weather. In other cases, they might suggest we bring the resident to the emergency room or work with Avera Holy Family Hospital in Estherville to make the transition.


All eLTC consultations are communicated to the resident’s primary physician, and are part of our effort to provide the best, most efficient care possible for residents.


For more information about eLTC, call us at (712) 362-3522, or visit avera.org/ecare/eLTC.

Center news highlights

Apr 09, 2014

Carol Wilson (center, seated) chose to receive rehab therapy at Specialty Care Community twice within the past year because of the loving, encouraging atmosphere the campus offers. Carol is surrounded by several family members, who visited the campus and became friends with other residents as well.

(Robbinsdale, Minn.) – When Carol Wilson suffered a stroke recently, she turned to Good Samaritan Society – Specialty Care Community for help a second time. 


Carol, 84, spent 18 days at the center, where she received intensive therapy. 


“There was no question as to where I wanted to go for my therapy. Specialty Care Community was my only choice,” Carol says. “If I have to be away from home, this is the only place I could imagine being.”


Carol had first come to the campus for rehabilitation therapy after open-heart surgery last summer. Rebuilding her strength was key during that 23-day stay. Her drive and hard work with her therapists opened the door for her to return home.


“Everyone has been so helpful and good to me,” Carol says.

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Center news highlights

Apr 04, 2014

By Nancy Yackle
Family member

(Estherville, Iowa) – When I say Good Samaritan Society – Estherville is important to my family, I mean it on many
levels — through several generations.


When my mom’s mom could no longer live on her own in her apartment, Mom was worried about telling Grandma that it might be time to move to a care center. But thankfully, Grandma was a woman of great practicality and suggested on her own that she move to Good Samaritan Society – Estherville.


She said that she was afraid in her own apartment, but at Good Samaritan Society – Estherville, she could feel safe and be cared for — which was a real blessing. Mom was able to visit Grandma every day, and Grandma often told me she was happy living here.


Eight years later, I was blessed to spend most of Grandma’s last week with her at the center. I remember how many staff members came in not just to check on her, but also to tell her how much she meant to them. People here still tell me stories about my Grandma.


Staff members were also there for my family as they helped care for my dad for the last month of his life. My mom visited him every day at the center. Before he died, something Dad said to my siblings and me was, “I don’t know how you are going to take care of your mother.”


What we didn’t realize at the time was that he wasn’t just talking about taking care of someone who was suddenly without a spouse…he was talking about taking care of someone with dementia.


“My family recognizes and truly values the care and compassion Good Samaritan Society – Estherville provides. The people here have a legacy of sharing Christ’s love with everyone they meet. Please help them continue that legacy by showing your support and making
a donation to the center.”

 – Nancy Yackle, family member

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Center news highlights

Mar 28, 2014

Gwen Martin (left) and Misty Richens, director of Fit for Life, smile as they watch the movement of Gwen’s legs on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill’s monitor.



(Hot Springs Village, Ark.) – After years of immobility, Gwen Martin knows what it feels like to walk again — and it’s thanks to those who donate to Good Samaritan Society – Hot Springs Village.


Gwen is a client at the Good Samaritan Society’s Fit for Life Wellness Center in Hot Springs Village. The center recently purchased an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill using donations to the campus.


Gwen has been using the treadmill as therapy for her multiple sclerosis, and she’s been able to ‘walk’ again using this state-of-the-art equipment.


In a letter to the donors of the AlterG equipment, Gwen writes:

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