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Apr 21, 2015

It's Monday morning and the crayons are out at Water Valley Senior Living Resort.


Resident Mary Alice Jensen

(Windsor, Colorado) – Who says coloring is only for children?

Every Monday morning, the Coloring Club gathers at Good Samaritan Society – Water Valley Senior Living Resort. Residents are invited to express their creativity with crayons and coloring books made specifically for adults.

While coloring is a lot of fun, it also benefits seniors’ health with its capacity to stimulate the brain and reduce stress. Many publishers have been launching coloring books specifically for adults. The trend is growing in Europe and North America.


Resident Jo Ebben had been coloring for some time after her daughter introduced her to adult coloring. She recommended a coloring program to the campus’ director of Lifestyle Enrichment, and Jo donated several coloring books to get the group started.


The group has as many as 11 participants at one time. They listen to music while coloring, and residents say the creative time is very relaxing.

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Apr 19, 2015

Campus becomes a Certified Wildlife Habitat



(Kissimmee, Florida) – Carolyn Lamond (pictured above) is most at home with garden shears in hand and a little dirt on her knees. Gardening is a way of life for her, as it is for many at Good Samaritan Society – Kissimmee Village, the senior living resort where Carolyn and her husband have retired.


Carolyn knew gardening would be a lot different when she and her husband left their New Jersey life for a home in Florida in the 1990s.


“When we moved, I saw an ad for a master gardener training, and I knew this was what I needed to do before I made too many mistakes,” she says. Soon, the backyard in the Lamonds’ home was flourishing.


When the strain of maintaining a house and large lawn got to be a little too much for the Lamonds, they decided to move to Kissimmee Village, where “the living was a little easier,” she says.


At Kissimmee Village, Carolyn found a new place to use her master gardener skills: the campus’ butterfly garden.


Kissimmee Village raises butterflies from the egg stage, and provides all of the plants necessary for caterpillar feedings and nectar. Carolyn’s just one of the many dedicated resident volunteers who tend to the butterfly garden’s ecosystem.

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Apr 10, 2015

100-year-old Alberta Kuehn chronicled her life nearly every day for 70 years in her beloved journals.

(Syracuse, Nebraska) – A cup of coffee and a smile is all it takes to get 100-year-old Alberta Kuehn reminiscing about her life.


And if she can’t remember a particular fact, she knows right where to go: her daily journals, which she kept for more than 70 years.


Alberta has lived in Nebraska her whole life. Like many families in the area, she grew up on a farm and made a living farming with her husband.


While many people of her generation would have seen her daily life as typical or ordinary, Alberta thought it was important enough to chronicle in journals over many decades.


These journals now give her family a beautiful glimpse into Alberta’s life and moments she wanted to preserve.

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Mar 23, 2015

Click the image to watch the video.


(Waconia, Minnesota) – When it comes to finding a new home after years or a lifetime in one community, research, visits and word-of-mouth go a long way. But what if you had a guardian angel to help guide and comfort you in this time of change?


Since 2006, members of the Angel Group at Good Samaritan Society – Waconia and Westview Acres have welcomed new tenants to make sure everyone feels welcomed and incorporated into community life all year long.


"We send out birthday cards and get well cards,” says Maddy Schalow, listing off the number of cards sent out at the beginning of the year. “In January we sent out three sympathy cards, five get well cards, and four birthday cards.”


“We also try to just be there for people when they arrive,” says Joan Mason, who recalls meeting a new tenant, asking her about a wound on her arm, and then spending the next few months helping the woman get better. “It turned into being a whole year-long ordeal, taking her to the doctor and so forth, but she didn’t have any family here, and was glad to have a new friend looking out for her,” she says.

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Mar 20, 2015


(Holstein, Iowa) – Virgil Schlinz has always been a fan of John Deere. He preferred using the equipment while farming and had always dreamed of one day watching one of the company's tractors being built.


Volunteer Mark Demarest volunteered to bring Virgil Schlinz to the John Deere tractor assembly plant in Waterloo, Iowa.

Virgil's wish recently came true thanks to a wish-granting program launched by Good Samaritan Society – Holstein, says Brianna Butcher, director of human resources and resource development.


Staff members simply asked residents to name a wish or dream they had. That's how Virgil got to spend a day at the John Deere tractor assembly plant in Waterloo, Iowa.


"It was more than I expected," Virgil says of his trip. "It was interesting to see the changes from my first family tractor that was purchased in 1935."


Brianna says the trip to Waterloo is just one example of how the Holstein center strives to
help each resident feel loved and valued. The wish-granting program has funded trips to a nearby casino and bowling alley. One resident even visited the place where she grew up and favorite locations nearby.


“We offer this program to help residents feel at home,” Brianna says. “Some may not have had the opportunity in the past to see and do things on their wish lists. Others just want to experience a favorite outing or event one more time.”

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