As beauty school student practices, nursing home residents sport nicest nails around

NEW HOPE, M.N. - “I graduated in December,” Marielle Smith says as she sets up her worktable. “I went to the Atelier Academy of Beauty in Hopkins.” Turns out the newly certified nail technician had an ace in the hole. Marielle’s part-time job at Good Samaritan Society – Ambassador meant scores of willing fingers on which to practice.

Resident Toots Holland makes note of Marielle’s attention to detail. “See how she takes care of each nail,” Toots says. “Now this is a talent, it truly is.”They are the kinds of compliments a grandmother might give. “Yes, she is like a granddaughter to me,” Toots says.

When Good Samaritan’s director of nursing Kim Stoltzman hired Marielle as a nursing assistant, she didn’t know the other benefits the teen would bring. “If I’m helping a resident with a task, they’re very quick to point it out and they’re very proud of their nails,” Kim says. “It just makes them feel good. It just adds so muchjoy to their day and their life.”

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