Donor profile: Janice Shoop’s generosity and willing heart

Donor profile: Janice Shoop’s generosity and willing heart

Give if you can. It makes the heart feel good." — Janice Shoop, Good Samaritan – Moscow Village resident

In her five years of living at Moscow Village, Janice Shoop has become a regular donor.

“At about the time I moved in, I had recently started the practice of tithing, and giving a part of my income to serve the Lord,” she says. “I feel very fortunate that my life circumstances have provided me the opportunity to give back financially to Moscow Village and the people I care about.”

Janice also was named 2017 volunteer champion at Moscow Village.

“She volunteers in so many ways, and is very humble and caring,” says Tammie Poe, director of sales and marketing. “She’s an inspiration as a dedicated servant of the Lord, and shows Christ-like love to her fellow residents and the staff.” 

Janice Shoop
Janice Shoop

Become a part of someone’s story

Through both Janice’s gifts of time and financial resources, her giving has had a personal impact on the lives of those who live or work at Good Samaritan – Moscow Village.

In addition to her volunteer efforts and gifts, Janice recently made a major gift to the Moscow Village Anchor Fund, a benevolent care fund for residents who — through no fault of their own — find themselves in need of financial help.

“I was particularly interested in the Anchor Fund knowing it would help my neighbors,” Janice says.

The Anchor Fund provides help for basic needs such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, dentures, rent, food and other necessities.

Gifts offer hope and dignity

Benevolent gifts do more than help residents meet basic needs. They restore hope and protect dignity, and can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

The Good Samaritan has more than 200 locations across the United States, and there are residents at every location who need financial assistance at some point. Benevolent gifts from donors like Janice allow the Society to continue meeting residents’ needs. There are three types of benevolent funds donors can support:

  • The Benevolent Care Fund: A national fund providing assistance for immediate use at any Society location.
  • The Benevolent Care Endowment: A national fund that is permanently invested, creating a principal base that generates annual interest. The interest is used to fund benevolent care at any Society location.
  • Location-based benevolent care funds:  Both immediate use and endowed funds exist to support residents of a specific Society location.

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