77% of long term care workers vaccinated against COVID-19, says CDPHE

COLORADO, U.S.A. – A few months ago, Colorado long-term care facilities had a patchwork of COVID-19 vaccine mandates – some companies, and even one city, started requiring staff members get vaccinated while others had no mandate.

“We believe we're one of the safest places to be right now,” said VP of Operations, Nate Schema. “I don’t know if there’s too many more jobs out there that can be any safer, with our number one goal of keeping all residents safe.”

“Residents can feel comfortable that caregivers aren’t going to infect them with the virus. Coworkers, as well, and families of our residents. Then we can go home… and feel more safe and secure knowing we’ve gotten our vaccinations,” said Shanna Tronsoco, director of nursing at Good Samaritan Society – Fort Collins Village.

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