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Home is a place where you should feel respected, valued, satisfied and free to be yourself. We are honored that more than 27,000 people of all beliefs and faiths call us home.

Over the past 90 years, we’ve become the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior care and services, with more than 240 centers across the United States.

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Senior topics

Senior care & services

Five questions can help you avoid additional hospitalization

Mar 30, 2015

Falls, injuries and acute illnesses often force quick decisions about healthcare for yourself or a loved one.


In some circumstances, hospital patients whose needs are no longer...

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‘Listening is an act of love’

Mar 27, 2015

Who in your life do you frequently talk to, but not really
listen to?


Who is someone you only know about on the surface?


Who do you think you know everything about?


Who is the last...

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Four great reasons to have us in your News Feed

Mar 24, 2015

Social media is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your friends and family. Many people also use various media platforms to stay updated with their favorite bands, shows and businesses....

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Memory care

Truth about Alzheimer’s

Mar 15, 2015

Since there is no conclusive scientific proof at this time about what causes Alzheimer’s disease, it’s natural for people to come to their own conclusions. Here are a few of the more...

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Tips for making the move to a senior living community easier

Mar 13, 2015

(Sioux Falls, South Dakota) – You are excited and ready to move from your long-time home into a senior living community apartment. You also know that boxing up a lifetime of possessions is...

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Aging Faithfully: One day at a time

Mar 12, 2015

It’s not easy to keep our eyes fixed on those things most important to us in a world that makes distracting and urgent demands. As I grow older, I’ve grown more and more conscious of the...

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