90-year-old pianist spreading joy at Prairie Creek Lodge

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - At 90-years-old, Dorothy Schonewill does not let her age stop her from doing what she loves. She is a resident at the Good Samaritan Society and plays the piano every morning at devotions at Prairie Creek Lodge.

“Some of these older people do enjoy singing, you can tell that, in fact, one gentleman never leaves until I finish, not even playing for anyone but he is sitting back there in the corner waiting for me to get done and he always says, thank you Dorothy, and that’s all we need in this life is ‘thank you,’” said Dorothy.

“People come to listen to her and to worship with her and to listen to her music,” said Activities and Wellness Supervisor Taryn Siemonsma-Garry.

“She’s willing to come and play for us all the time, that’s a willing spirit,” said resident Almira Pederson.

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