A (big) drop in the bucket

Some people save money for a rainy day. Jane Egan, a 90-year-old resident at Good Samaritan Society - Prairie Creek Lodge independent living in Sioux Falls, SD, would rather donate it to the Salvation Army — and does so yearly.

She always chooses one particular day to do it: Salvation Army’s Match Day on Dec. 10. On this day, every $20 dropped in the red bucket will be matched with $80, turning the $20 donation into $100. Egan’s 2022 donation might require a bigger bucket.

This year, Egan collected $2,000, meaning it will turn into an almost $10,000 donation.

A combination of both her money and donations from 150 other residents, it was the most she has ever collected. Residents will usually seek her out to donate, many leaving $20 bills under her door.

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