Becker’s Healthcare Podcast: Randy Bury, President and CEO of the Good Samaritan Society

This episode features Randy Bury, President and CEO of the Good Samaritan Society. Here he discusses how his organization is handling COVID-19, vaccine mandates and more.

‘Our numbers were starting to ramp up about a year ago as we went into the fall. At one point at our peak, we probably had on a given day about 500 positive residents, about 500 positive employees, and it was such a helpless feeling. There wasn’t a vaccine yet. There weren’t a lot of treatments,” said Bury.

'And then- what I would call the miracle drug – came along.'

‘We went from hundreds and hundreds – total numbers in the thousands – by this past summer, we were down to 0 and that was completely attributable to the vaccine,” said Bury.

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