Good Sam celebrates important role of Occupational Therapists

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - “They’re so wonderful, they help you so much and they do a lot of different things,” Good Samaritan Society – Sioux Falls Center rehab patient James Sonen said. “They have like a putty that you have to find all these pins in and that is a workout, you’ve got to sit there and squish it you know and find these pins.”

“Brushing your teeth, that is a daily occupation, its something you have to do, eating, getting dressed in the morning, bathing, going to work, watering your flowers, those are daily activities that we have to do,” Good Samaritan Society occupational therapist Anna Stach said. “We are trained to figure out a way to do those things whether it’s getting stronger or is it doing it differently, that’s where our skill comes in.”

“The goal for James is to get to at home recovery, so he can go home where he does those daily tasks independently,” Stach said.

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