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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Members of the Good Samaritan Society leadership team and other staff are rolling up their sleeves at the Good Samaritan Society National Campus at their flu vaccine clinic day.

“I think the flu shot season, probably starts potentially in September, but especially for our older residents we want to make sure they get the maximum protection, the last three months of the year, first three months of the year, so beginning of October is the time where we really want to get that vaccine,” Chief Medical Officer, Good Samaritan Society, Dr. Gregory Johnson said.

“The flu can be a very deadly disease, especially in the elderly, of course that’s the business that we are in at the Good Samaritan Society so we just want to make sure we can protect those folks as much as we can and we can all do that by getting our shot,” said Randy Bury, president and CEO of Good Samaritan Society.

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