Good Samaritan Society recognizes Fall Prevention Month

FONTANELLE, I.A., – September is Fall Prevention Month. Robyn Peterson, an occupational therapist assistant with Good Samaritan Society - Fontanelle wants people to know that if they’ve fallen in their home or think they’re at risk of doing so, there’s help available to them in their recovery and preventing such a thing from happening again.

“The amount of people who end up in the hospital, the majority of them are from falls and hazards that are preventable in their homes,” Peterson said. “Between checking your environment, exercise, getting your eyes tested, there are falls that are preventable. Those can be life-changing events for someone.”

Peterson said that one advantage to Fontanelle’s facility is that patients who come there after a fall or injury can remain there for their therapy services even after they move home, and they can keep their same therapist.

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