Good Samaritan Society residents take trip to quarry

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Good Samaritan Society – Prairie Creek residents took a plunge hundreds of feet below the interstate Friday as they got a tour of the Knife River quarry.

“Quite an adventure, I’ve never been in a hole this big before and to learn the history of the area and city,” Good Samaritan Society – Prairie Creek resident, Joyce Tlustos said.

“People drive by on the interstate or Madison and wonder what’s at the bottom of the hole and we think it’s important that they get to see what’s at the bottom of the hole but also educating them on why it’s important to the community, what the reserves and resources are used for and how they impact the community and end up being part of the community,” said Clark Meyer, president of Knife River South Dakota.

“You don’t realize the immensity of it like I said, a unique experience,” Tlustos said.

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