Mary Hannover, LPN Celebrated for 55 Years as “Heart” of Good Samaritan Nursing Facility

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Poring over historical pictures at the Good Samaritan Society long-term care facility in Algona, Iowa, is a person who’s been pivotal. “It opened in March of 1966 and I began employment in the summer of that year,” says Nurse of the Week Mary Hannover, LPN.

Administrator Joe Bartolo says 55 years in one place is “crazy” to think about. “Good Sam is in her heart,” Bartolo says. “She knows the ins and outs of everything from day one in Algona.” Retired administrator John E. Kern adds, “When people in Algona think of Good Samaritan, they immediately think of Mary.”

“In Christ’s love, everyone is someone. You can’t help but think that the smallest resident, the largest resident, the most active resident, the inactive resident, everybody is equal and the same. If you don’t have that squared in your thought process, life becomes more complicated,” Hannover says.

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