Mother/Daughter Nurses Share Commitment to Caring, Faith, and Science

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - When she was a child in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Good Samaritan Society – Luther Manor senior living center – where her mother worked as an RN – was like a second home to Rochelle Rindels, MSN, RN, QCP.

“It’s almost like a legacy maybe, or tradition almost, that we’re continuing this from one generation to the next and able to build on very strong history and nursing practice that I was raised in,” Rindels says.

“I love the wisdom of the elderly. The chance that you get to make relationships that last,” Van Dam says about serving in a nursing home as opposed to working in a hospital.

Rindels thinks the integrated health system will provide many new opportunities in the future. “We’ll be able to strengthen our nursing practice through new wound technology, the telehealth piece, being able to have a provider’s eyes on a resident immediately, especially in the rural setting that we’re in,” Rindels says.

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