Nelson begins as Good Samaritan Society's activity director

FONTANELLE, I.A., - To Nickie Nelson, reaching the next generation will mean tapping into a younger generation of residents that care facilities like Good Samaritan Society - Fontanelle are beginning to see, and finding out what they like to do.

“We have 90-year-olds to some 70-year-olds. I want to be able to get those 70-year-olds out to as many activities as I can,” Nelson said. “I want to make it even better than it has been before.”

“I have always loved to work here. I actually left and came back, so I’ve seen the other side of the world,” Nelson explained. “I love working here because it’s family oriented. Everybody’s a big family here. The residents are your grandparents, the older CNAs and co-workers are like your mother or your father, to me. You’ve got your siblings who are staff with you who are similar age, and I feel we’re a big family here.”

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