Nurse of the Week: Mary Schaaf’s 50 Years of “Love, Kindness, and Respect” for Senior Patients

On March 25, the 77-year-old Omaha RN will celebrate a half-century in the profession, and already admiring colleagues are honoring her commitment by referring to her as a “Mother Teresa of Nursing!”

Schaff is a “Dream team member,” says Good Samaritan Society’s Vice President of Operations Aimee Middleton. Middleton added that residents regularly check to see whether the nurse who always looks out for them is on duty.

“I’ve always tried to treat the residents like I would a family member and to be patient with them if they had concerns or anything,” she said. “I was always willing to sit down with them and listen to them.” And how on earth could she leave a job that doesn’t “really feel like it was a job.” She describes her workplace as “One big family. You got to know the residents’ families and it was just wonderful to be able to do that.”

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