Out for a drive with Prairie Creek residents

You’ll often find this blue convertible driving around the Good Samaritan Society – Prairie Creek neighborhood. The driver of this 2003 BMW Z4 is 86-year-old twin home resident Al Brown.

His wife, Eileen is here to make sure they stay on schedule. “I just put them in and take them out, say goodbye, make sure they’re in safe, and get a picture,” Al’s wife, Eileen Brown said.

“Watch the smiles on their faces as we go down the road and hear their stories,” Al Brown said. “We all have a story on how we came to the city, what we did in the city, where we worked, those stories are interesting and I don’t get to hear them.

“It’s such a free feeling to be in a convertible because you can see out and see everything,” resident, Tam Baker said.

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