Sentimental ways to honor grandparents for National Grandparents Day

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Good Samaritan Society senior director Jana McCroden says that the senior community at her facility becomes like family and grandparents over time, “A lot of our long-term care residents become our grandparents, so whether they are or not, we care for them day in and day out so they are another set of grandparents, that’s kind of like how I describe it when I talk to people, these are our grandmas and grandpas and we are gonna treat them that way and take care of them that way.”

McCroden encourages everyone whether you have grandparents or seniors that are special to you to spread some cheer this weekend, “Play games, take a walk around her facility, sitting outside, we have car shows for them to come out, load them up and take them for a drive, take them to Dairy Queen, to get a snack, some of that stuff they enjoy, reminiscing activities when they were little or when their kids were little and sharing some of those stories that they can pass down to their grandkids is also very important.”

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