Sioux Falls Police Department educating senior citizens about scams

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Officers from the Sioux Falls Police Department are spending time with residents of the Good Samaritan Society, letting them know about about new scams they are seeing and what they should watch for.

“There have been circumstances where someone will come and show a message maybe they’ve received on a cell phone and just what do you think, should I click, should I not,” said Alecia O’Neill, administrator for senior living.

We look to just hopefully give them a lot of information to protect themselves. A lot of it is just education. we have a real difficult time recovering money for people after it’s been sent, so if we can be in front of it and be proactive and talk to them to prevent them from sending the money, then that’s the best option we have,” said Sgt. Benson.

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