Someone You Should Know: New leader of the Good Samaritan Society

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., - Nathan Schema was always interested in taking care of people. “You know for me, I think it all started back when I was in high school. I started working at a group home and did a little of everything. And I’ll never forget working with those three ladies with developmental disabilities. You know, I was their caregiver. You know from there, I just kind of had a love for health care and a love for serving others. And I think that was nurtured and groomed by all of the nurses in my family, and some of those folks that were also in the field,” said Nathan.

The 39 year old, married father of two boys, would eventually be named the CEO of the Good Samaritan Society. A job he will take over on January 1st.

Retiring CEO Randy Bury knows the right person is replacing him.

“Not everybody has the leadership skills and the personal ability to communicate with people and relate to people. And i really think that Nate’s that total package and i just couldn’t be happier that he’s the person that’s poised to take over,” said Randy.

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