Someone You Should Know: Taking people fishing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - “Yeah we started it about twenty years ago. And I don’t remember how it started. And it grew, and it’s mostly nursing homes. I don’t fish personally, it’s not fun. Whereas when we get these nursing homes here, they’re fun. They go so excited, these residents about fishing and catching fish,” said Norman Kopecky.

We have usually one to two groups a week come out. And they hear about it from one activity director to another activity director. And they come out to go fishing, and we actually catch fish that’s the big thing. That’s the exciting thing about it. They actually catch fish, so they have a lot of fun,” said Norman.

“I went out to the river with my brother, big Ben. And we caught a lot of fish,” said nursing home resident Daryl Riddle.

“It’s something where they all get a picture with the fish that they caught. Then there’s more stories when they go home, and go back to their residence. And it’s something they can say look at what I did. Makes then important. Everybody needs to feel important,” said Norman.

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