Staff warms partially paralyzed resident with family quilt project

Linda Mack has lived at Good Samaritan Society - Manson since 2019, after a stroke partially paralyzed her. She had loved to sew, working for 15 years for a tailor, before the stroke.

“Taking in pants, hemming pants, hemming skirts, wedding dresses, drapes, you name it, I did it,” Mack said.

Before the stroke, Mack had made one half of a quilt using scraps of clothing from herself, her mother, her grandma and her great grandma, but she was unable to finish it due to the paralysis.

She mentioned the project to Manson activities director Cassie Darr, and how she’d love to complete it with a backing. Darr had a home economics background and some skill with a sewing machine, so with Mack’s help pinning the backing, the pair completed the quilt Oct. 26.

“She does a lot of activities in her room because she’s still able to pursue them,” said Darr. “She’s wanted to do a lot more stuff with others. It gave her a sense of belonging. She never thought she’d be able to do it again, so being able to help even a little has been amazing for her.”

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