The bird is the word at South Dakota nursing home

“I consider my residents family. What brings me joy is making them happy and Ralphy the rooster brings them so much happiness. Ralph is part of the Good Samaritan Society family now,” said Sioux Falls Center Administrator Luke Wanous. “Animals provide an engaging and emotional experience for residents, along with laughter and storytelling between residents. And Ralphy is no exception.”

“Oh, I just can’t wait to see Ralphy when I wake up in the morning. Many of us gather by the window and watch him. He’s just so cute,” said resident Peggy Nyhaug. “He showed up one day and never left! We love him. He’s pretty much right by the window all the time waiting to get fed.”

“Many of the residents grew up on farms and Ralphy evokes so many wonderful memories for them. Ralph really brings that small town feel here to the bigger city of Sioux Falls,” said Wanous, “While some residents are not as verbal as others, their eyes light up with excitement whenever they visit Ralphy.”

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