Trio at Samaritan Springs each over 100 years old

BEATRICE, N.E., - Three of the women that reside at the Samaritan Springs Assisted Living facility in Beatrice have all celebrated their 100th birthdays.

“There was an older lady that I helped sometimes when I was younger and she always said “put one foot in front of the other and I get there.” I loved her and that’s what I did,” said Sophia Fuchs.

“I don’t have a secret for living a long life. The only thing that I know is the Lord is helping me do this and there is no other way,” said Edna Ensz.

“All of our family lived in the area. We were rooted in the community and that doesn’t happen much anymore. I couldn’t live this life without the Lord. I don’t use alcohol or tobacco and I guess I think that might have something to do with my long life,” said Martha Goosen.

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