Two local nursing homes now have over 90% of their workers vaccinated

KANSAS CITY, M.O. – Many nursing homes in Kansas and Missouri have low vaccination rates among workers.

Two local facilities now have more than 90% of their workers vaccinated. Their vaccination rates are nearly twice the average of other nursing homes in Kansas and Missouri.

Workers at one nursing home, Hoeger House, took pictures explaining why they're getting the COVID-19 vaccine. In the pictures, they posed with signs explaining their own personal reason for getting vaccinated. Administrators at Hoeger House say that the facility having hands-on experience dealing with COVID-19 led to their high staff vaccination rate.

“Having COVID in our building, the staff members saw the effects of it and even some of the long-lasting effects. They just realized how much it affects the population that we work with," Hoeger House Administrator Allie Karas said.

Nearly a year ago, the facility had an outbreak. Patients died, workers got sick and staff was overwhelmed. That's when people decided to step up.

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