88-year-old’s whittling hobby blossoms into stunning collection

RAPID CITY, S.D. - When he left the military, Bob Pullock wanted to be a sign painter. When that didn’t work out, he started whittling wood. 64 years later he has quite the collection.

“This bird flew twice...down to the floor,” joked Pullock as he shows off his wood carvings.

When Bob and Vickie moved into St. Martin’s Village, some of his wooden creations were donated. Pullock says the last donation was to the train depot in Hill City. However, most of the carvings stayed with the couple. Like a Native American piggy bank that towered above Bob. “When I had to move, I emptied it out and it was over $3,000 in change.”

Bob’s wooden carvings were inspired by Vickie’s imagination, even down to the colorful design, pointing out a horse-fly on a colorful giraffe.

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