World War II vets honored by Dream Flights in Labor Day event

OTTUMWA, I.A. – Monday morning if you saw a plane in the sky it could have been a World War II veteran. Dozens of people came out to Ottumwa Regional Airport to honor three veterans who served 76 years ago.

One of the attendants of the event was U.S. Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks. As a veteran herself, and someone who has cared for veterans, she says it was an honor to see them fly on a plane. “To be able to honor three World War II veterans and to see them be able to take a flight in an airplane that they flew when they were on active duty you know is really a tremendous honor.”

The three veterans who were honored Monday were William Jones, Chuck Osing, and Allan Augustine.

The first to fly was Jones, who is 100-years-old. Jones says he has flown the Boeing Stearman Biplane during the war.

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