Giving where they live: Bakers support hospice care in Arizona

Giving where they live: Bakers support hospice care in Arizona

After raising their family and retiring from their professions, John and Marion Baker moved from suburban Chicago to Prescott, Arizona, more than 35 years ago. They’ve remained long-term volunteers at the Prescott Library and believe in giving back.

Bakers tour Marley House hospice location.
Administrator Katie Osburn leads a tour of Marley House for John and Marion Baker.

With a smile on his face John says, “We believe in giving of our time, talent and treasure. We hit the gene lottery and realize how lucky we are to have been born in and live in America. We feel it’s our duty to help others in need and our community.”

The Bakers support organizations that have touched their hearts and have missions they believe in such as education, health, senior and social services. 

The Bakers heard about Good Samaritan – Marley House from their doctor and some close friends whose loved ones received hospice services.

John says, “It seemed like a good area to help; we believe in the mission of the Good Samaritan and its services, especially hospice care for seniors in our community. It’s important to give where you live.”

Their charitable gift annuities support a variety of their favorite causes.

"We look at it this way: instead of including them in our will we’re able to give the money to charity sooner," John says. "This type of gift benefits us with cash flow, advances the mission of Good Samaritan – Marley House, provides a charitable tax deduction, and it just makes good sense for people like us in our golden years."

It’s hard to get safe cash flow and do something good with your money at the same time. This is the perfect gift to accomplish these objectives.”  – Donor John Baker talking about the benefits of a charitable gift annuity.

With the gift portion of their charitable gift annuity, the Bakers established the John and Marion Baker Endowment for Hospice Operations at the Marley House providing forever funds supporting hospice services today and for future generations.

We'll help you establish your own giving plan.

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