Friends bring the fun at Fox Run Senior Living

Donna and Elizabeth are residents of Good Samaritan Society - Fox Run Senior Living in Greeley, Colorado.

One of the aspects residents love about Good Samaritan Society – Fox Run Senior Living is the family atmosphere.

People who move to this Greeley, Colorado, retirement community find they have a lot in common with fellow residents. All are in the same stage of life, some have had health problems or lost family members, and everyone appreciates having friends and supportive staff members to lean on.

Donna Cryes, a long-time Greeley resident, toured Fox Run and was impressed by the amenities and the nice people. The 88-year-old moved there in September 2018 and was thankful not to have any home ownership responsibilities anymore.

“I lost my husband, and we had lived in our home for 40 years. It was a large home, and I wasn’t able to do it all myself,” she says.

Welcoming atmosphere

Donna says everyone is looking for good friends at Fox Run.

“I like to spend time with other residents and help them as I can,” says Donna.

One of her helping roles is resident ambassador, which she took on over a year ago. It involves showing new people around when they move in.

Elizabeth Guertin was one of the new residents Donna welcomed. Elizabeth moved to Fox Run in early April 2023.

“You couldn’t have been more welcomed than I have been here,” Elizabeth says. “Donna showed me everything there is to know about all the different amenities.”

Fulfilling friendships and activities

After Elizabeth moved in, she quickly made friends. She has breakfast with a group of them every morning.

“We have a lot of fun together,” she says. “We all have our stories. We’ve been through life a bit, and we can share that.”

She enjoys spending time in the chapel, which looks out at the Rocky Mountains. Devotions are held there twice a week, along with a Bible study.

“The chapel is only four doors down from me, and I love to play piano and organ,” Elizabeth says. “It’s comfortable, prayerful and peaceful.”

Other activities include story time, craft time, and movies and games in the media room. There are weekly shopping trips, lunch or dinner outings and volunteer opportunities.

Residents also have impromptu gatherings. The building phone list makes it easy to plan get-togethers.

A focus on well-being

All of the activities and amenities at Fox Run aim at keeping residents physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially healthy.

With several scenic walking trails, they can get their steps in throughout the day. There are also workout classes led by Cassidy Wagner, the activities coordinator. Classes involve low-impact exercises and a lot of laughter.

“There are great places to walk and beautiful grounds,” Elizabeth says. “If you want to walk with someone, you call them, and they’ll walk with you.”

“Tea Time” helps promote intellectual, social and emotional wellness. It’s an educational activity where Cassidy shares interesting facts about a particular subject. And story time is similar. Someone reads a short story and residents discuss it afterward.

Residents have plenty of opportunities to improve their social wellness.

“Everyone is friendly,” says Elizabeth. “It’s wonderful because I like to be with people, and that aspect is available if you want.”

Comfortable apartments

Besides all of the gathering areas in the building, residents enjoy their bright, spacious apartments – many with views of the Rockies.

Elizabeth is impressed with the storage space in her apartment, and Donna appreciates the bright and spacious rooms.

“I’m happy here because of the family-type atmosphere,” says Donna. “We have lovely people here.”

Family members of residents can stay in the on-site guest suite and enjoy a meal in the dining room or play games in the media room with their loved one.

“I can’t state enough good things. It is very pleasant to be here,” Elizabeth says. “I have found my home.”

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