Home care team in Minnesota is 'part of our family'

A happy reunion is taking place at the home of 96-year-old Eunice Vail in Waterville, Minnesota.

“I can do a lot of things I couldn’t do before the therapists came,” Eunice, a former teacher and avid reader, says showing off her hand exercises.

Recovering from a bad fall and broken finger, Eunice is regaining her strength and quality of life.

It’s all thanks to support from Good Samaritan Society Home Care physical and occupational therapists out of St. Peter.

“They’re part of our family we feel like," Eunice's daughter Valerie Vail says. "What they’ve done for us is unbelievable. It all came together."

Home therapy allows Eunice and her daughter Valerie to stay together, and independent, at their house on the lake.

“Because a lot of these patients cannot get themselves to a clinic in order to get the services we provide them,” says Jennie Cate, a Society occupational therapist. “Literally coming to their house, getting to know them, getting to joke around with them – it gives us a great idea of how they’re doing in their home."

Eunice admits, it's pretty convenient.

"I love that. It would be a lot more difficult and a lot more time-consuming if we had to go someplace to do it. This has been great,” Eunice says.

'The care is absolutely personalized'

The Society’s driving force is to be partners in healing and well-being.

“I am on the road for about 100 miles a day and that’s typically spread out between five, six patients on average,” Jennie says. “The care is absolutely personalized because everyone is totally different.

“We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and if there are speech therapy needs, we can work to fit that in there too."

Good Samaritan Society Home Care also offers in-home medical services, reducing re-hospitalizations.

“You know that it truly made a difference in their life. You’re doing more than just performing rehab with them. You’re actually improving their quality of life just even us visiting there,” Jennie says.

Valerie adds, “due to the Good Samaritan, that’s the reason she’s able to be here. We’ve had them twice. She had a stroke just under two years ago. We were so pleased, and we had the same therapists that were here at that time."

A team willing to adapt to its clients’ needs, leading to successful outcomes and special bonds.

“Thank you, thank you so much for everything. You were wonderful,” Eunice says.

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