A focus on love, care and safety

To be an outstanding nursing home, you must have all the right ingredients.

A five-star quality rating for Good Samaritan Society – Albert Lea in Minnesota is proof this location serves up a large helping of love, care and safety for its residents.

“It’s a wonderful building to work at,” Dawn Thompson, Sanford Health employee relations specialist, says.

While Stacy Johnson, Society associate quality strategist, and her teammates are topping off the week with a Taco King reward, she knows it takes a lot of work to maintain their preferred flavor of service at the skilled-nursing facility.

“Quality comes down to doing the right thing for the individuals here which is something different for everybody,” Stacy says.

“That means that we look at your loved one’s whole aspect of life."

She says everyone on campus, from nurses to dietary staff, has a role to play in providing quality care.

“When everybody else cares about quality and doing better and doing the right thing, it’s fun,” Stacy says.

'Measuring, managing and delivering on quality'

The Society’s Chief Medical Officer, Gregory Johnson, M.D., is behind this bonus food truck Friday. He’s also delivering a personal thank you.

“I think this team here is an incredible team and there’s an incredible sense of community,” Dr. Johnson says. “This is a place where we’re consistently measuring, managing and delivering on quality."

That’s because folded into the fabric of this place are staff members like Jeannette Abbe.

“I put 30 years into nursing and now I think it’s been about 14 years in laundry,” Jeannette, a laundry technician, says.

When asked why she's stayed so long, Jeannette says, "I love it! I do. I really enjoy my residents out there."

She also enjoys keeping them and her family safe. It’s why she’s vaccinated against COVID-19.“To protect my family and your loved ones and each other,” Jeannette says.

During his visit to Albert Lea, Dr. Johnson spoke with staff about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines. High vaccination rates and other measures at the Society are leading to safer environments.

“This is one of the safest places you can be from COVID. Everyone here is attending to social distancing and personal protective equipment just like I noticed when I walked in the door,” Dr. Johnson says. “People should absolutely want to move in here."

'Proud to work here'

From safety to socialization, this squad is celebrating a culture of attention to detail and providing better outcomes for residents.

“People have come here with their suitcases like I’m ready to live here now," Stacy says about how long-term care has evolved.

"They want everything else that it has to offer. The people around and things to do and things to keep them busy and exercises. We can offer all of that."

Quality and community for residents and staff at the Society.

“I’m proud to be a part of our residents’ lives and their family members’ and get to know them. It’s a good place,” Stacy says.

“I’m proud to work here. I’ll probably retire from here if that says anything. So, if you move your loved one in here, I’ll probably still be here because I love it."

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