‘We must pay it forward’

‘We must pay it forward’

Prescott, Ariz. - Margaret 'Peg' Rhodes never forgot the people who helped her along the way. These people — her "helping hands" — are some of the many reasons she established the Margaret and Joseph Rhodes Endowment Fund for the Good Samaritan – Marley House. It will benefit the Marley House Endowment Fund, which supports important services such as spiritual ministry, compassionate care for those without resources and further education and training for professional staff.

'I want Marley House's mission to continue when I'm gone'

Unlike many of the Marley House's donors, Peg and her late husband of 50 years, Joe, never experienced the hospice home's services firsthand. But after attending the opening of the Marley House in 2010, they were impressed.

"We liked the mission," Rhodes says. "At first, we were giving smaller gifts annually, but later realized all the things that Good Samaritan was doing for seniors in our community." She says her annual gifts will continue, but "I want Marley House's mission to continue when I am gone."

She has included a larger gift to the endowment fund in her estate plans.

"Since others have helped us, we must pay it forward and make a difference in someone else's life," says Rhodes.

Responding to kindness with kindness of her own

Rhodes grew up in a three-generation household in Brooklyn, NY. When a gambling spouse abandoned her mother, people she calls her "helping hands" stepped in. Their extended family, church and school made sure Rhodes and her sisters were taken care of.

"My mother reminded us there are others who are worse off," Rhodes says. And, "Since others have helped us, we must pay it forward and make a difference in someone else's life."

Rhodes gives credit to her 'helping hands' for outlook on giving

Rhodes went to school to become a teacher, thanks to others — more "helping hands" — who provided a scholarship for older students like her. Shortly after she graduated, she and Joe moved to Prescott, Ariz. 

Rhodes remembers Joe as a generous, happy-go-lucky person who loved his work as Yavapai College's electrician, while helping people in need through his skills. Upon retirement, the couple spent their remaining years together volunteering across the Prescott community.

When they were in a position to support various medial, educational and youth organizations in retirement, they did. Rhodes continued this work after Joe's death in 2015, most recently by establishing the new fund at the Marley House. 

"I'm always mindful of how so many helping hands made a big difference in my life and of who I am," Rhodes says, "and I know Joe would agree with my decision to support Marley House."

Your support is critical to the mission of the Marley House, especially during a global pandemic. To support the Marley House or any Good Samaritan location, give online. To learn more about including your favorite Good Samaritan location in your estate plans, contact us.

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