Young man leaves delivery job for senior center family

It takes a “people person” to helm the front desk at Good Samaritan Society – Water Valley in Colorado.

“Everyone I work with is a lot of fun,” says Society staff member Drake De La Pointe, serving as concierge on this day.

Drake has no problem mixing it up with teammates and residents.

“(Residents) like to banter. You have to give them a hard time. Keeps them young. Keeps them on their toes,” Drake says.

You could call the 27-year-old the “point man” at the heart of this large independent living resort.

“I trained Drake to do the concierge position," teammate Christine Rogers says. "He’s doing great. He’s doing excellent. He’s really friendly and personable with the residents. Of course they love that."

Resident Evelyn Wells just moved in but already feels welcome and at home.

“I love it here, plus I love Drake,” Evelyn says. “The community is super. I play bridge. I’m in charge of happy hour. Does that figure?”

Drake says, “when you walk in here, there’s an atmosphere of this place is fun. We can have some fun here."

Started with a high school job

Drake is already coming up on 10 years of meaningful service at the Society.

He signed up when a Society leader dropped off applications at his high school.

“I was like, 'I need a job,' so I took those applications. I took one for myself and then threw the rest away," Drake says with a laugh.

"I made up for it though because I did have some of my friends apply. I did make up for it but that’s how I got here."

The admin assistant did leave once for a delivery gig but rushed back.

“I missed the family aspect. You got to see everyone on the day to day. You weren’t just in a truck alone driving around town,” Drake says.

Even during this interview, Drake’s “family” had a hard time passing him by.

“There’s something the first time I met him I knew this is a special person,” resident Virginia Reichel says.

At 101 years old, Virginia knows.

“A loving person and he takes care of anyone that has any problems. I’d never had Drake say no to me for anything I’ve asked,” Virginia says.

'He's a friend. He's a family member'

Sally and Mark Carnes came to Water Valley 12 years ago after Mark was injured in a car crash.

“When it comes to Drake, I don’t think of an employee. He’s a friend. He’s a family member,” Sally says.

“He would do the little things that most people wouldn’t think of. He’s friendly, in fact he’s like my own son."

Drake adds, “They’re just such a nice little couple. They’re just so fun to be around."

The couple bonded with Drake when he was their housekeeper.

“We really love it. It’s an excellent place. I think one of the things that really sets it apart from other senior places we’ve looked at are the people,” Mark says. “It is a Christian community. People treat you like a Christian. They love you as well as they want to serve you."

“Certainly Drake is the epitome of the loving you."

Giving credit to his upbringing, Drake seems made for his current role.

“That’s what my parents instilled in me: Treat your elders with respect,” Drake says.

And the relationships you build can lead to a special career.

"I really think it’s because of the people we have in upper management here that make it so fun to work here,” Drake says.

“Probably a lifer. That’s what my friends all say. They’re like jeez you’re going to stay there forever. I’ll probably end up moving in here. You know. That’s the plan."

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