Independent living at the Good Samaritan Society is an upgrade

Group of senior adults participating in a Tai Chi course at an independent living community.

The Good Samaritan Society is ready to help you enjoy a life that's maintenance-free. Independent living options at the Society bring services that fit the unique needs of every resident.

Gaining more freedom

Gone are the long afternoons spent on yard work and home repairs. Those activities can be costly and a potential health risk.

“For some, it means the freedom to do what they want when they want to do it. The services we provide allow our residents to focus on those things that bring them the most joy. With the added benefit of being supported by a group of peers that often share similar interests and goals,” says Shane Knutson, Good Samaritan Society director of operations for senior living.

Liz Stadem lives at The Lodge at Good Samaritan Society - Prairie Creek in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She loves meeting her friends at devotion (or “devotion time”) at the chapel down the hallway.

“I love to come here to be with the others to worship and thank God for a new day,” Liz says.

Keeping residents active

The Society strives to provide activities, classes and outings that help keep residents active. Emily Toering, activity director at Good Samaritan Society – Le Mars in Iowa, says her residents love learning.

One activity they do is armchair travel. Emily invites someone who has traveled to a particular destination to give a short talk and bring souvenirs to show. Residents get a boarding pass and a passport that gets punched. Then they watch a YouTube video to complete the experience. Residents have “traveled” to Hawaii, Ireland, Las Vegas, Alaska and more.

“I really take into consideration what they’re interested in,” Emily says.

It’s just one of the many activities taking place at the Le Mars location.

“All of my activities are based on making them comfortable and getting them out with each other and being social,” she states.

Residents across the Society participate in workout classes. They’re also able to expand their minds with learning opportunities or take part in a theater group.

“Wellness is fundamental to maximizing our life experiences. We take pride in providing activities and services that promote wellness in our residents,” Shane says.

The Society also provides more basic services like meals and housekeeping to keep residents healthy.

Transportation in and around communities can open new doors, giving residents more choices. “I think the real beauty of living in our senior living communities are the opportunities to use our services as a means to more freedom and independence,” states Shane.

Improving quality of life alongside Sanford Health

Thanks to the Good Samaritan Society’s affiliation with Sanford Health, our staff members have access to the latest educational training and resources to improve the quality of life and well-being of residents.

Because Sanford Health is one of the largest rural health systems in the U.S., the partnership brings an integrated approach to health care, ensuring residents are supported physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Make the comparison

When it comes to value, we invite you to make a lifestyle comparison to help you decide which housing option is best for you.

Keep in mind that our independent living communities offer a variety of service options including maintenance-free living and other benefits like paid utilities.

Our simple worksheet allows potential residents to compare their current living expenses with those of the Society and other locations.

We encourage residents to continue doing the things they love while also finding fulfillment in new endeavors.

Contact a sales specialist at (877) 880-1786.

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