Providing quality care for 100 years

Six Domains of Quality Care

For the last century, the Good Samaritan Society has been committed to providing an unprecedented level of quality service to ensure our residents are safe and cared for.

Delivering the best care in a resident-centered environment has always been the organization’s focus. With residents at the heart of our organization, the Society meets their needs no matter what health challenges they’re facing.

“We align our nursing care to the most updated evidence in health care,” says Rochelle Rindels, vice president of nursing and clinical services for the Good Samaritan Society. “We work with leaders to ensure these best practices and policies can be implemented in their centers.”

Strengthened by resources

As an affiliate of Sanford Health, one of the largest health systems in the U.S., the Good Samaritan Society has a unique advantage in the long-term care industry. Sanford Health gives the Society access to a vast wealth of educational training and resources.

“We partner with the education team and many content experts to deliver high-quality care,” Rochelle says.

Care plans support health

Each Society location has an interdisciplinary team that puts together a safe care plan for each resident while preserving their dignity and encouraging their independence.

“The care plan gives staff members direction to provide residents with the best quality of life while they’re here,” says Alena Goergen, director of nursing at Good Samaritan Society – Miller Pointe in Mandan, North Dakota. “We have a very good physicians group. I have providers that come in five days a week.”

Each care plan is reviewed regularly and all team members, family members, providers and residents can view it at any time.

“This plan really drives clinical care for each resident,” Rochelle states. “It’s based on a resident’s medical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual assessments and combines goals for care and specific interventions to help a resident maintain their health and function.”

Care plans outline daily strategies for staff and they are especially helpful in supporting residents who have multiple health conditions.

“We have acute care plans that are constantly changing,” Alena says. “We have a lot of discharges and admissions, so the staff do a good job of getting to know the residents quickly.”

The Society is known for its compassionate caregivers who make sure residents’ needs are met no matter what health challenges they’re facing.

“Their role is to know as much about the resident and their chronic conditions as possible,” Alena states. “We care for the resident in the most quality way we can. I really do have an awesome staff.”

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