Break the silence around domestic violence

Break the silence around domestic violence

Every three seconds, someone in the United States experiences domestic violence.

Any incident of domestic violence is unacceptable.

But when it's happening every three seconds, there’s a need for drastic change — in how we talk about it, and how we address it.

The Good Samaritan Society joins many other organizations across the country in speaking out about domestic violence.

Download "Free to be me: Stories of strength and finding peace in God's love," a Good Samaritan Society resource about domestic violence awareness.

Five simple ways you can help:

1. Go social to help raise awareness about domestic violence.

Share your support and connect with others on social media using hashtags like #SeeDV, #NOMORE and #PutTheNailinIt.

2. Help a local shelter.

Some domestic violence shelters accept donations for gas and grocery gift cards, clothes, personal care products, pantry food, cleaning supplies, bedding or baby supplies.

Others need volunteer help with projects like landscaping, painting, cleaning or organizing.

Find a shelter near you.

3. Donate your old cell phone.

Donated phones can be used as “safe phones” so people in need can call 911 and stay connected in times of crisis.

Contact your local law enforcement agency or domestic abuse shelter to see if they have safe phone programs in your community.

You can also donate cell phones to Verizon’s HopeLine program.

4. Get educated.

Whether you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, or you want to be a better advocate for those who need help, take time to learn about the resources available in your community and online.

Know the warning signs. Create a safety plan. Be ready to help.

5. Pray for those affected by domestic violence.

Offer a prayer for strength, courage and hope for all who are in abusive situations, and for the people committed to ending domestic violence.

Open your heart to helping people who are afraid or ashamed to talk about their situations.

Join us in breaking the silence around domestic violence, and showing the world what unconditional love, support and compassion looks like.

Are you being abused? We can help stop the violence.

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