Volunteering for Senior Companions

Who is eligible to volunteer?

You are eligible to become a Senior Companion if you are age 55 or older, meet an income guideline and can serve 15-40 hours per week. You will get an hourly stipend for your services.

  • As a volunteer, you may be involved in these activities:

    • Conversing and listening
    • Assisting with reading
    • Writing letters or making phone calls
    • Helping with grocery shopping or errands
    • Sharing hobbies, recreation and social events
    • Assisting with light housekeeping (making beds, doing dishes, dusting, etc.)
    • Reminding the client to take their medications
    • Accompanying them to the doctor
    • Helping with paying bills and filling out forms
    • Being present for exercises and walks

    Read a full job description.

  • Benefits of being a Senior Companion

    In addition to the hourly stipend, you would receive:

    • Mileage reimbursement or provided transportation
    • Nine paid holidays
    • Personal leave
    • Monthly paid training
    • Accident insurance while on assignment
    • Friendship with other Senior Companions and clients
    • The satisfaction of serving others

    The monetary benefits do not reduce any governmental assistance and are not taxable.

    Senior Companions receive 20 hours of orientation and an opportunity to shadow a Senior Companion before beginning services. We have six in-service trainings a year that provide valuable senior information.

    Many of our Senior Companions have served for several years and talk about the benefits they receive by feeling needed and useful to the people they help. Volunteers are involved in a recognition event every year and receive the Points of Light and Presidential Awards for their years of service. Many of our Senior Companions and clients have been together for several years.

  • Questions About Volunteering

    If you have any questions about volunteering call us at:

Ready to volunteer?