Finding and cultivating leaders in long term care

The Good Samaritan Society has a successful Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Program, which is a paid internal management development program designed to attract those who are interested in the field to get more involved, get them trained and licensed, and move them into jobs where they can make a difference.

“We help people see what the job is and help give them the tools and resources they need to be successful,” said Aimee Middleton, Good Samaritan Society vice president of operatoins. She added, “We want to talk to business colleges and universities and educate them. I think we have a story about a career with a human component that a lot of people would find rewarding.”

The leadership team at Good Samaritan doesn’t just bring new administrators into the field and forget about them.

“We help them see their career path and how we can help potential leaders. We also are actively engaged in succession planning,” said Middleton. This means having meaningful conversations with staff and encouraging them to speak at educational institutions and community organizations about what a satisfying, desirable career this is and the opportunities it offers.

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