The power of love is deep, especially when it comes up against the incredibly human transition from life to death.

In the final weeks of her mother’s life, Cathy Dumler will never forget the love and compassion her family found at the Good Samaritan – Fort Collins Village in Colorado.

After a stay in the hospital, Cathy’s mother, Janet Eyth, was transferred to rehab care at the Society. It was there Janet’s health declined. She passed away on July 13, 2020.

Cathy tells stories of how active and loving her mother was. “She had an ability to connect to people,” Cathy remembered. “She was an amazing friend and mother.”

At the Society, the staff treated her like the special person she was — not just a patient.

“My mother had not received the love or had been treated in other facilities the way she was at Fort Collins Village. She had only been at Fort Collins Village for over a month and she was given so much care that it was truly remarkable to me,” Cathy said.

“The phone calls I received from staff helped me make it through so many days of uncertainty. I felt like angels were there, not only for my mother, but for me.”

Cathy is grateful to all the rehab and skilled nursing staff, and especially to Robin Purnell, director of social services at the Society’s Fort Collins location. “Robin showed love and compassion to me and my mother when we needed it most.”

“Taking care of residents is an honor, and it’s the best part of my job,” Robin said.  “But I also value the relationships I’m able to develop with our family members.  I recognize the trust family members are placing on the staff here to take care of their loved ones.”

Robin remembers that when Cathy’s mother was admitted, there was no visitation allowed due to COVID-19 precautions. Cathy had to have faith that the staff members were taking care of her mother.

“I wanted her to be comfortable with the care that only could be described by phone or by short 6-feet-apart visits. We strive to make the best out of an impossible situation,” Robin said.

In honor of Janet’s life and the care she received at the Society, Cathy and her family recently made a generous gift to the Fort Collins Village location that will help bless the lives of many other families.

Give what matters most

The special work and spiritual purpose of the Good Samaritan is a shining light in communities across the country, like Fort Collins, Colo.

Cathy’s story of her mother’s care and her grateful heart speaks to the very soul of the gospel and the power of love that is at the heart of what we do.

This season, we invite you to make a gift that will help the Society continue to share God’s love through care and compassion.