Brainerd man honored for top fundraising effort

Brainerd man honored for top fundraising effort

Good Sam Bowl supports residents in Brainerd locations

What does it take to be a top fundraiser in Brainerd, Minnesota? In Dan Pulak’s case, it takes a generous heart, a big smile and hard work.

For 15 years, Dan has brought in more sponsorships than anyone else for the Good Sam Bowl local fundraiser. He was honored in 2019 for his achievements.

Dan has made a lot of friends at the Good Sam Bowl over the years. He does a good job, and people have come to expect him to raise more every year.” – Wanda Pulak, Dan’s mom

Dan Pulak raises his trophy after being recognized for his work as the top fundraiser for Good Sam Bowl in Brainerd, Minnesota. 
Dan Pulak raises his trophy after being recognized for his work as the top fundraiser for Good Sam Bowl in Brainerd, Minnesota. His mom, Wanda, (left) is his driver.

For many years, Dan’s grandfather was a resident at Good Samaritan – Bethany. That’s where Dan learned about the bowling fundraiser and decided to honor his grandfather by helping.

One year was all it took: Dan was hooked. As the event grew over the years, so did his fundraising success.

“My mom drives me around so I can ask for gifts,” says Dan, who has a disability and does not drive. “And I gave a speech at First Lutheran Church so people there made gifts.”

Sheena Rick, one of Dan’s faithful donors, says his big smile makes him hard to resist.

“Helping the Good Samaritan residents is very important to Dan,” Sheena says. “So now when I see Dan and know he is collecting contributions, I sometimes just ask him if I can give.”

The Good Sam Bowl is the Good Samaritan’s biggest fundraising event of the year in Brainerd. It brings out hundreds of bowlers and raises more than $50,000 to support Society residents in the Brainerd area.

“We’ve been able to improve our building and transportation, funded resident dreams and more,” says Andrea Major, administrator of Good Samaritan – Bethany. “The money raised through the Good Sam Bowl makes a big difference.”

Are you ready to make your difference?

Locations like Good Samaritan – Bethany and Good Samaritan – Woodland depend on the support of generous volunteers and donors like Dan Pulak and you.

This is what sharing God’s love looks like.

Click the links below to learn how you can help.

Good Samaritan – Bethany

Good Samaritan – Woodland

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