Caring is second nature for DAISY Award recipient

Caring is second nature for DAISY Award recipient

When Becky Carpenter began working as a certified nursing assistant in 1991, she didn’t realize it would turn into a nursing career. But after almost three decades, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

In her current role as an RN case manager for Good Samaritan Society – Home Care in Windom, Minnesota, Becky’s work day involves meeting the unique needs of each client.

For her dedication and expertise, she’s been named the Good Samaritan Society’s second ever DAISY Award recipient.

Becky Carpenter with her DAISY Award
Becky Carpenter with her DAISY Award

Every quarter, the Good Samaritan Society uses the DAISY Award to recognize nurses who consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care.

Becky’s manager, Kim Pillatzki, home health administrator, nominated her for the award.

“She always goes above and beyond,” says Kim. “She’s very intuitive with her patients and understands their needs. She looks at the holistic pieces and who’s all involved in the person’s care.”

Becky’s work involves formulating care plans and providing nursing care, but what she likes the most is problem solving. When she identifies a health or safety issue, Becky brainstorms how to help her client. Depending on the issue, she involves rehab therapists and other specialists.

“Each individual is so unique and it’s just a matter of finding what the basic needs are in each home to make people safer,” says Becky.

Earlier this year, Becky discovered that a client was being discharged from the hospital to a home that wasn’t safe. She convinced the family that the client should temporarily move to a nursing home.

After making calls to several nursing homes in the area, she found an opening that same day. She also arranged wheelchair transportation and made a list of items the client would need at the nursing home. She waited for the transportation bus to arrive and paid the small fee.

Before leaving, she also gave the family $20 for gas so they could bring belongings to the nursing home.

“I never carry cash and when I went out to get $3 for the ride, there was a $20 bill to give,” says Becky. “God made sure I had it when I needed it.”

The family was thankful and asked where they could find her to pay her back. She told them she didn’t wish to be paid back, but asked that they pay the kindness forward when their situation improved.

Kim has witnessed many times how Becky shows genuine concern for each of her clients and lives the mission of the Good Samaritan Society.

Becky says what she does isn’t any different than what her team members do and is thankful to work with great nurses and home health aides.

“I’m so blessed and happy to be working for a Christian organization,” Becky says. “Kim is awesome and really reflects those Christian values and makes it easy for us to do what’s right for the client.”

Our home health care team provides exceptional care.

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