Childhood passion leads to compassionate career

Lindsey Kitchen

Kids often outgrow their childhood obsessions – be it dinosaurs, astronauts or unicorns. Their one-time passions often turn out to be phases.

But not for Lindsey Kitchen.

As a kid, she developed an interest in helping seniors thanks to a friendship with an older adult at her church. When the woman moved to a nursing home, Lindsey visited her every week as part of a school program.

“I thought to myself, ‘when I get older, this is where I want to work. This is where I need to be,’” she says.

Her first few jobs were all about caring for people, but they weren’t quite right.

“I realized I didn’t like those other jobs because I needed to be in a place where I take care of the elderly,” she says.

Joining the Good Samaritan Society

Lindsey didn’t get on the right track until she moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There, she felt drawn to the Good Samaritan Society.

“It was something that I always wanted to do. I kept saying that when I moved to Sioux Falls, I wanted to work at Good Samaritan because of their mission and commitment to the elderly community,” she says.

Lindsey started as a receptionist at Good Samaritan Society – Prairie Creek.

“I just love being here,” Lindsey says.

After five and a half years, she’s moved up the ranks and is now an administrative assistant.

Lindsey answers phones, creates a daily newsletter and helps with billing, among other important tasks. A big part of her job – and the best part, according to her – is helping residents with anything they need.

“I’m here to support residents and answer any questions they may have,” she says.

Does someone need a ride? Want to buy stamps? Have a question about tomorrow’s menu? Lindsey can help.

Caring for others

When trying to explain her passion for senior care, Lindsey points to the idea of family.

“I want to take care of them just like I’d take care of my parents or grandparents,” she said. “I would want someone to treat my family members the way I treat them.”

She can’t think of a more fulfilling job.

“My favorite thing is just making them want to be here and be happy. I feel it when they’re glad I’m here,” Lindsey says.

Her focus is on making her residents happy, but they often bring joy to her life, too.

“If something personal is going on in my life, I still have a smile on my face and I can come here and forget about it. These residents just make me smile,” she says.

An exceptional place

This year, the Good Samaritan Society hits a milestone anniversary – 100 years of service.

“It’s amazing what an organization can accomplish when it has faithful and passionate people working for the greater good of the elderly in our community and beyond,” Lindsey says. “I think that’s what got Good Samaritan to 100.”As a Christian organization, the Society is driven by faith and puts Christ at the center of everything.

“Our statement is ‘In Christ’s Love, Everyone is Someone.’ That’s really what makes the Good Samaritan Society a community for everyone,” says Lindsey.

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