Sioux Falls, S.D. – The new staff recruits at Good Samaritan – Sioux Falls Village don’t have a pulse, but they can record one. Thanks to a generous gift from RosieConnectivity Solutions, the Village has two new, high-tech telemedicine carts.

“They are a great addition to the team,” says Alecia O’Neill, administrator.

RosieVisit carts can go from room to room and connect physicians, family members and residents. The physician can see the residents’ electronic health records, make notes, order prescriptions or share files such as lab results. The resident never has to leave the building and family who live out-of-the-area can be a part of care.

“Everyone is involved,” said O’Neill. “It brings peace of mind.”

Steve and Marie Booker, the owners of RosieConnectivity Solutions, made the gift happen.  In addition to the carts, the company donated a suite of telehealth and family engagement tools.

“Alecia and her team will be able to connect their residents and their loved ones effortlessly with the RosieVisit Carts,” said Harold Landers, chief cooperating officer for the RosieConnectivity Company. “Hopefully, this will be an added layer of comfort during these challenging times we are facing with COVID.”

The carts arrived in August, with training scheduled for September. O’Neill expects the carts to be in use very soon.

You can support innovative medical technology just like RosieConnectivity did when you make a gift to the Good Samaritan Foundation.