Exceptional technician at the Society always takes on more

Amanda Frazier

In her 12 years with Good Samaritan Society – De Smet, Amanda Frazier has worn a lot of hats.

She started as a certified nursing assistant. Then she became a restorative aide. Then a bed aide. Now, Amanda is a health information management technician.

And those are just the times her job title changed.

Amanda has a reputation for her willingness to always step up. She’s earned that reputation time and time again.

She took on extra responsibilities when the location was down an administrator. When someone needed to take over ordering supplies for the center, Amanda volunteered. When the scheduling coordinator role opened, she took it on.

“I help out where I can and where I’m needed,” she says.

Amanda describes her job as challenging – but rewarding.

“It’s about being able to learn new things and experience new avenues,” she says. “I like seeing what I’m capable of.”

She views every request and opening as an opportunity for professional and personal growth. But there are two main reasons why she’s always taking on more: her residents and her co-workers.

“People tend to spend more time at work than at home. Here, residents are like your family and your co-workers are your extended family,” Amanda says.

A whole team committed to excellence

Just like she’d do anything for her co-workers, they’d do anything for her.

During one workday, Amanda received a terrifying phone call that her family member was experiencing a medical emergency.

“If it wasn’t for my co-workers not only covering my shifts but being there for me emotionally and supporting me, I don’t know how I would have gotten through one of the toughest times for me and my family,” Amanda says.

She’s felt that support since the beginning.

“The Society has given me an additional family. I moved to De Smet as a single mother with a couple of kids. Instantly, when I came into the building, I felt like I was welcomed into a family,” she says.

Amanda fit right in, especially since she’s not the only one who likes to step up.

“You can go into some workplaces and tell people are just doing a routine, but it’s never been that way here,” she says. “I feel like everyone goes above and beyond every day.”

And luckily, that didn’t change when COVID-19 hit. This time, Amanda got her medication aide certification.

“I did that because someone needed to take care of our residents. I was someone who the nurses trusted and felt comfortable with filling that role,” Amanda says.

But she wasn’t the only one taking on extra responsibilities. It was all hands on deck.

“The fact that we never contracted COVID-19 in our facility until September of last year says a lot,” she says.

“This is all due to our amazing staff.”

The Good Samaritan Society turns 100

This year, the Good Samaritan Society is hitting an impressive milestone: a century of service.

“It's impressive to know that the Society has been able to grow and evolve for 100 years,” Amanda says.

It’s thanks to employees like Amanda that the organization reached this achievement. According to Amanda, it’s always a team effort.

“At my location, we’re a family. We fight together when there are challenges, we cry together on our difficult days and we have each other’s backs,” she says.

Just like the Society as a whole, her team gives their all to improve the lives of those they serve.

“Every one of us shows up every day to give residents the best care we possibly can. From the housekeepers, dietary workers, nursing staff and office personnel, everyone gives 100% to best serve the residents that live here, their families and the community,” Amanda says.

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