David and Susanne Copenhaver are originally from New Jersey and have made their way to northwest Iowa via Ames and Cherokee. Finally ending in Le Mars, David started teaching at Westmar College.

Though they have no children of their own, David and Susanne have been heavily involved in the academic and spiritual growth of many teens in Le Mars. The Copenhavers have a strong spiritual connection with the Lord and are members of the Baptist Church.

Their first experience with what was called Brentwood Good Samaritan was when their uncle Vernon came to live at Good Samaritan – Le Mars in 1988. Through the years their mother Margaret Louise also came to live and thrive at the Good Samaritan in 2002. To this day, both Dave and Susanne work out at the Good Samaritan fitness center three times a week. Then, Susanne stays an extra hour to visit friends and residents.

David and Susanne believe Good Samaritan – Le Mars is the best senior care center in the area because it addresses individuals from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. This total soul care is done in such a loving and respectful manner that they have decided to send a check for $25 to the Good Samaritan each month since 2002, while they are writing their monthly church donation check.

The Copenhavers make a perfect point: Even if a gift seems small, if given regularly, it adds up to a large impact. The Copenhavers are an example of love in action.